Professional Script Consultant

I’m a professional. I know what sells and what doesn’t. That’s the viewpoint I bring to every piece of material I look at.

I can’t promise to make someone buy your script, but I can definitely promise to make it better.

I was reviewed by Creative Screenwriting magazine and they called me the “Dr. Phil of script analysts.” That’s because I don’t pussyfoot around. When I first came to Los Angeles I was told by a very smart woman, “Hollywood is the only place in the world where you can die of encouragement.” She was so right.

You can spend months grinding out a spec script. You show it to your friends in the business and they all love it. But it doesn’t sell. It’s driving you crazy. Everybody loved it. What’s going on?

That’s where I come in. When I read your material I’ll tell you the truth. Most likely, you’re not my friend so I don’t have to be nice to you. If your script is wonderful, I’ll tell you. If it has problems, I’ll tell you honestly. Usually I have ideas on how to fix the problems; no extra charge. I’ll encourage you to develop whatever talent you demonstrate. Your material may be suffering from some simple mistakes that I can help you with. I won’t mindlessly encourage you unless you deserve it. I won’t sugarcoat what I say. My only object is to make your work better.


In most cases the difference between a paid screenwriter and a wannabe is slim; the professional writer has just figured out the rules of the craft. Once you can execute a viable concept that follows the basic rules then you’re on your way to becoming a commercially acceptable writer.

I can help you get there. Any questions, feel free to contact me.